Emer McParland

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Emer McParland is a highly regarded UK soloist, session singer and vocal tutor. 
She is also the author and instructor of Sing By Sight, the ground-breaking online sight singing course that gives singers the skills they need to be confident and secure sight singers.

Sing By Sight

An exciting new sight singing course written specifically for singers of Contemporary Commercial Music.

Whatever your style - Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, R&B, Country, Rock etc - Sing By Sight is for you!!!

Sing By Sight takes students from the very beginnings of reading music through to a professional standard of sight singing, and having fun on the way. 


Whether you're a complete beginner, or you have some knowledge of sight singing, Sing By Sight is the course for you.

Head over to www.vocalvista.com for more information on this amazing new sight singing course.




Watch the promo video below for more information on this exciting new online sight singing course.