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I'm Emer McParland and welcome to my website.

Here you'll find out all about me and also all about my fantastic online sight singing course - SING BY SIGHT -  a course written for singers just like you!!

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About Me

I've been singing at the top of the UK music business for over 25 years. 

In that time I've worked on numerous projects, both as a soloist and as member of vocal ensembles. Click here for my 'Performing' CV.

I've also worked at the highest levels of the UK Education sector, teaching classes on a wide range of subjects including Sight Singing, Voice Production and Ensemble Singing. Click here for my 'Education' CV.

Sing By Sight

Finally, a course that helps you learn to sight sing the music you love, and listen to.

Sing By Sight is my ground-breaking online sight singing course, taking students from the very beginnings of sight singing a piece of much through to a professional level.

Sing By Sight has over 700 exercises, specially written and all with backing tracks and over 250 educational videos - you will learn everything you need to know to become a strong and a confident sight singer!

Sing By Sight sight singing course

Head over to www.vocalvista.com

to find out more about this amazing sight singing course!

Emer is proud to work with the following organisations on a wide range of projects - both as a performer and as an educator.

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Contact Me

I'm happy to hear from you all about anything to do with singing and in particular anything to do with sight singing, so please feel free to get in touch!